Abstract and Paper Submission



Abstract Submission

1. To submit an abstract, authors must register first to the conference. 

2. The abstract must be written in English and contains the following sections: introduction, aim of the study, method, results, conclusion, and keywords. 

3. The abstract must have no longer than 250 words. 

4. The keywords are 3 to 5 words, written in alphabetical order. 


Full-paper Submission

1. Full-paper must be written in English and according to template (template can be downloaded here).

2. Full-paper must contains the following structure: Introduction, Literature Review (optional), Method, Findings and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement (optional), and References.

3. Full-paper/s should be submitted only after the abstracts are accepted.

4. Full-paper/s must be revised according to reviewer's comments

5. Full-paper revision must be submitted through the system (author's account).

6. Please note that the revision version of your full-paper will be the final version of the paper (including author name/s, etc.) to be submitted to the publisher, unless there are changes made by editor/s to improve the quality of the paper.

7. The author instructions and fullpaper template can be downloaded from the download page.


The whole submission process is done fully online (NOT by emailto guarantee smooth administration.