About UPI

About UPI

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) is one of the oldest universities in Indonesia, founded on October 20, 1954. In the course of its development, UPI has become the only Indonesian higher education institution which consistently focuses its core mission on education. UPI has already set up its vision as a leading and outstanding university in the fields of educational sciences and subject matter education in Indonesia in 2010 and in Asia in 2025.

Currently, UPI consists of seven faculties, i.e. (1) Faculty of Educational Sciences, (2) Faculty of Social Science Education, (3) Faculty of Language and Arts Education, (4) Faculty of Mathematics and Science Education, (5) Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, (6) Faculty of Sports and Health Science Education, and (7) Faculty of Economics and Business Education. UPI has also run the School of Postgraduate Studies since 1968.

Additionally, UPI consistently supports and facilitates the growth and development of other disciplines to gain its role of being a leading and outstanding university. This implies a commitment to make UPI recognized and inspired nationally and internationally, a reference in making educational policies on national level.

In line with its visions, UPI has formulated the following missions:

To educate and prepare human resources in the fields of education, business and industry to cope with the global competitive market.
To develop theories of education and other innovative science and its applications for establishing foundations for national education policies.
To provide professional social services for the society in order to solve national issues in terms of education, politics, economics and socio-culture.
To promote internationalization of education through the development and establishment of networks and partnerships on national, regional and international levels.

Website: http://www.upi.edu

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