Notes for Presenters


Important Notes for Presenters 


The parallel session of the 8th ICOLLITE conference will be held with breakout rooms in which the presenters will present their papers.

The powerpoint for the presentation must be submitted as a PDF file via the presenter’s account no later than July 15, 2024 with the following format.

If you want to send a video recording of your presentation due to certain conditions, please upload the video to a YouTube channel, and submit the link via the presenter’s account no later than July 15, 2024. The video must have a high definition resolution (720p or 1080p) and clear voice.

The allocated time for each presentation is (tentatively) no more than 10 minutes.

Each room will conduct two presentation sessions. In each session, there will be five parallel presentation followed by the 10-minutes questions and answers session guided by the moderator.

The room keeper in each breakout room will manage the session and control the powerpoint slides for presenters.

The presenters with unstable connections are strongly advised to prepare a 10 minutes length presentation video which will be presented from their own device during the parallel class session. 

The presenters are required to fully attend the sessions even after the presentation has been conducted. 

All presenters and participants must turn their camera on and their microphone off (muted) during the parallel class. 

The presenters and the participants are required to inform the respective room keeper for any presentation-related changes made. 

E-certificate for presenters will be awarded to those who participate in the conference sessions fully and upload their presentation file/s in due time.


Important Notes for Group Presenters 


To obtain e-certificate, each member in a group of presenters must individually complete the same procedure, including:

  1. register through the conference website
  2. make payment, either individually or collectively
  3. upload the payment proof on each member's account
  4. attend the presentation session as scheduled and fill in the attendance list

The e-certificate will be available to download through each member's account.

To prevent multiple entry of the same title, the abstract should only be uploaded to the system by the first presenter/ author. Make sure the order of presenters/ authors is correct.


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