1) Selected papers (with additional publication fee) will be published in an international proceeding/ journal.

2) Please note that it is crucial to follow the publication process according to the conference system procedures (including revising your paper according to the reviewer's comments, and submitting a revised paper before the deadline in the system) to get your paper published in the proceeding/ journal.

3) Please note that the revised paper you sent is the final version. Some changes may be made by the editor/s and the publication team before the paper is sent to the publisher.



The publication of an article has gone through a peer-reviewed process to support the scientific method. The authors should ensure that the submitted paper is an original work and has not been published in other publication outlets. Proper acknowledgment of others’ work must always be given. If the authors have cited the words of others, they have ensured that the sources have been appropriately cited or quoted. Information obtained from other sources must be reported with permission from the source. All authors should ensure that there are no potential conflicts of interest in the publication of the paper.



Participants are requested to submit their papers through the conference management system on the website. The submitted papers will go through a single-blind review process. Prior to the review process, all reviewers were briefed on the review process by the editorial team in a virtual meeting. Each reviewer was sent 4-5 papers through the submission system, was given three weeks to complete the review process, and was given an incentive for completing the task. Each reviewer will review the papers based on specific criteria, including the relevance, contribution to the academic debate, structure of a research paper, appropriateness of methods, clarity of discussion and conclusion, and relevance of illustrations, the standard of English, and adequate references and citations. After the deadline, the peer-reviewed manuscripts were sent through the system to the personal accounts of the participants (authors). Authors were given two weeks to revise their manuscripts and return them to the committee from their accounts. Manuscripts with revisions that matched the reviewers’ comments entered the final editing process (form template, layout review, proofreading, metadata making, etc.). All manuscripts and other necessary data were sent to the publisher after passing final editing.


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